João Braz

  • Three Poems By Aleister Crowley/Tzim-Tzum

    Three Poems By Aleister Crowley/Tzim-Tzum

    In Three Poems By Aleister Crowley: Ilona Schneider: soprano Agustí Martínez: alto saxophone Naná Rovira: bass clarinet(R) Eduard Altaba: double bass(R) Diego Caicedo: electric guitar Vasco Trilla: drums Carlos Ródenas: double bass(L) Luiz Rocha: bass clarinet(L) Xesc Llompart: violin Pope: trumpet In Tzim-Tzum: Fernando Brox: flute Agustí Martínez: clarinet Pope: trumpet Aram Montagut: trombone Amaiur…

  • Degenerative Music #1 – Discordian Community Ensemble

    Degenerative Music #1 – Discordian Community Ensemble

    The concept of this album derives from the transliteration on the spot – performed by the conductor – of the scores of a classic and a contemporary composition to hand signals, which were interpreted immediately by the improvising ensemble (which didn’t have access to the scores), all in real time. In conjunction with the conductor,…

  • BCN Improfest 2018

    Barcelona Improfest 2018   Nuno Rebelo – electric guitar Vasco Trilla – drums Luiz Rocha – clarinets and Lata Ensemble: Joan Bagés – electronics Sebastian Vidal – electric guitar João Braz – cello Francesc Llompart – violin Ivan Edwards – soprano saxophone Luiz Rocha – clarinets

  • 2 duos + 1 cuarteto > Brox, Braz, Vega, Rocha

    The 6th of a series of home concerts. With Fernando Brox – flute Almudena Vega – flutes João Braz – cello Luiz Rocha – clarinets the link for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th

  • Nocturna Discordia #137

    Luiz Rocha – bass clarinet Iván González – trumpet Clara Lai – piano João Braz – cello Fernando Brox – flute Vicent Pérez – trombone and electronics Álvaro Torres – piano Joni Garlick – drums

  • 3rd Impro Jam @ Nocturna Discordia

    This was Nocturna Discordia #56 and the 3rd Free Improvisation Jam Session. Barcelona, 20 January 2016 The trio that opened the night was: Patxi Valera – drums Àlex Reviriego – double bass Luiz Rocha – soprano and bass clarinets Then, once again the routine was: 1. pick a name out of a hat; 2. throw…

  • Clara Lai – Piano Solo and Improv session

    Clara Lai Piano Solo January 15th 20h30 Casal Font d’en Fargues Haikus is Clara Lai’s piano solo that will be released by Discordian Records. She’s performing the next 15th at Casal Font d’en Fargues in Barcelona. El Pricto, Àlex Reviriego, Pep Mula, João Braz and myself are joining her for the second part of the…