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Sessions in the Forest – Almudena González and Luiz Rocha

Almudena González – flute
Luiz Rocha – clarinet

Campania, Italy – Summer 2016

Just before heading to Free Flow Festival, where we had a couple of gigs, we stopped by a pine forest in South Italy to record the video below.

The idea of the this video was to let the woods speak,  to listen and respond accordingly, and let character of the ambience to be sensed.

Some days later we’ve played at a sort of cave in Matera – Basilicata, where the spot itself wouldn’t speak, yet it replied to us out loud. Here’s a recording during the sound check.

Watch the video at the woods, then listen to the recording at the cave.

Orrù Mar Rocha @ ZBD – Creative Fest – Lisbon

Orrù Mar Rocha @ ZBD – Creative Fest – Lisbon

Video of the performance at the Creative Fest organized by Creative Sources at Galeria Zé dos Bois – ZBD
Lisbon, 28th November 2015

Adriano Orrù – double bass
Maria do Mar – violin
Luiz Rocha – soprano and bass clarinets

The drawing above was made during the concert by Rita Draper Frazão.

Nocturna Discordia #33 – Video

Nocturna Discordia #33 – at Soda Acústic – Barcelona

Here’s an excerpt of the Nocturna Discordia performance filmed and edited by Antoni Robert Gadea that features a special moment of the night, a clarinet trio with soprano, bass and contra-bass clarinets.

Christer Bothén – bass and contra-bass clarinets
Luiz Rocha – soprano and bass clarinets
El Pricto – alto sax and clarinet
Miquel Jordá – sopranino sax
Vasco Trilla – drums

Clarinet Trio at Nocturna Discordia #33
foto by Roberto Dominguez

Colectivo BDB – Video

Mû – voice & direction

Robson R. Bonfim – tuba
Alexis Ortega – trombone
Natsuko Sugao – trumpet
Alvar Montfort – trumpet
Sol Homar – percussion
Crá Rosa – percussion
Baba Maiga – percussion
Robert Dokponnou – percussion
Zé Luiz Silva – percussion
Martín Horne – percussion
Julio Marks – baritone sax
Luiz Rocha “Espiga” – bass clarinet
Jimmy Jenks – tenor sax
Miguel Pintxo – tenor sax
Lluís Boronat – clarinet
Gonzalo Paniagua – clarinet

Juan Pablo Balcázar – contrabass
Martín Laportilla – bass
Jurandir Santana – guitar
Diego Collia – guitar

Recorded in Barcelona, on 27 June, 2013
Balaio Producciones