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  • Live 2016 – Ensemble MIA

    Live 2016 – Ensemble MIA

    Ensemble #1 – Conducted by Mia Zabelka: Paulo Silva – guitar Luiz Rocha, Noel Taylor – clarinet Alvaro Rosso, João Madeira – double bass Bruno Gonçalves, Cortez-Lamont III, Fernando Guiomar – electric guitar Paulo Curado – flute Carlos Canão – gong Pedro Castello Lopes – percussion Silvia Corda – piano Maria do Mar, Sarah Claman…

  • MIA 2017 by

    MIA 2017 MIA 2017 MIA 2017-Encontro de Música Improvisada de Atouguia da Baleia, the 8th edition of the festival, is gathering about 80 musicians of 16 countries. It happens annually at a tiny little village called Atouguia da Baleia in Portugal. Rui Eduardo Paes from explains it very well here: | Breves |…

  • at Free Flow with Kerlox Dynamic

    This is July’s last concert in Puglia, Italy (hope to come back soon) joining forces with Carlo Mascolo’s Kerlox Dynamic Project. Carlo Mascolo – trombone Achille Mascolo – trumpet Almudena Vega – flute Azzurra Carrozzo – flute Luiz Rocha – clarinet and bass clarinet Michelle Russo – electric piano and synths Domenico Saccente – accordion…

  • Free Flow Festival – 2016

    Free Flow Festival – 2016 Back again to south Italy, now playing as a duo with Almudena Vega. We’re performing at the Free Flow Festival, organized by Carlo Mascolo, lined up with the Muzic Plus Ensemble. Almudena Vega – Flute Luiz Rocha – clarinet and bass clarinet Muzic Plus Ensemble Michelle Russo – electric piano…

  • Post-MIA Jam Session at Lisbon

    Keeping the record… Inspired by last year’s Post-MIA jam, Carlo Mascolo, Maria do Mar and I proposed Desterro to repeat it once more. If we do it again for one or two more years, it will inevitably become a tradition: the Post-MIA Jam Session in Lisbon, featuring the MIA participants that were still around and…

  • Jam Desterro post MIA, May 2015

    Jam Desterro post MIA, May 2015

    Many musicians that came to MIA attended the Desterro‘s Jam Session the following Tuesday. Here’s a gallery of some of those inspiring performances. May 19th, 2015

  • The Rive Gauche Mid Range Orchestra – a review by

    The Rive Gauche Mid Range Orchestra – a review by

  • The Rive Gauche Mid Range Orchestra live @ Centro Cultural da Malaposta

  • IV Free Flow Festival – program

    IV Free Flow Festival – complete program more info about the festival here