Iván González

  • The Dream of Cthulhu – Discordian Community Ensemble

    The Dream of Cthulhu – Discordian Community Ensemble

    This is a live recording from the cycle of concerts entitled “Nocturna Discordia” that Discordian Records organizes every Wednesday since 2014 at Soda Acùstic, Barcelona. This is the 140th night in its entirety, and features quite dark (and sometimes funny) music by El Pricto, inspired in Lovecrafitian imagery. Fernando Brox: flute Luiz Rocha: bass clarinet…

  • Discordian Community Ensemble @ Robadors 23

    Fernando Brox – flute Ferran Besalduch – bass saxophone Iván González – trumpet Sarah Claman – violin Diego Caicedo – electric guitar Vasco Trilla – drums Luiz Rocha – bass clarinet El Pricto – composer and conductor

  • Nocturna Discordia #137

    Luiz Rocha – bass clarinet Iván González – trumpet Clara Lai – piano João Braz – cello Fernando Brox – flute Vicent Pérez – trombone and electronics Álvaro Torres – piano Joni Garlick – drums

  • Nocturna Discordia #122

    1st set @ 9pm Free Art Three: Iván González – trumpet Pol Padrós – trumpet Julián Sanchez – trumpet 2nd set @ 10h30pm RCJ: Luiz Rocha – clarinets Diego Caicedo – electric guitar Marko Jelača – drums + 2: Ilona Schneider – voice El Pricto – alto sax

  • Contrast/Movement – Discordian Community Ensemble

    Contrast/Movement – Discordian Community Ensemble

    Discordian Community Ensemble Almudena Vega: fluteAgustí Martínez: alto saxophone and clarinetEl Pricto: alto saxophone, clarinet and melodicaLuiz Rocha: bass clarinetIván González: trumpetIlona Schneider: sopranoOwen Kilfeather: tenorPaula Pinero: percussionJordina Millá: pianoDiego Caicedo: electric guitarSarah Claman: violinFrancesc Llompart: violinPau Sola: celloÀlex Reviriego: doublebassEduard Altaba: doublebass Composed and conducted by El Pricto, Francesc Llompart, Pablo Carrascosa, Owen Kilfeather,…

  • Nocturna Discordia #82 #83

    Nocturna Discordia #82 with Sarah Claman – violin Pau Sola – cello Diego Caicedo – electric guitar El Pricto – saxophone Ivan González – trumpet Vasco Trilla – drums Luiz Rocha – clarinet Tura Gómez – dance Soda Acústic C/ Guilleries 6 3rd August 2016 @ 21h30 Barcelona   Nocturna Discordia #83 with Vasco Trilla…

  • Memoria Uno – 10th session

    Memoria Uno Memoria Uno – 10th Session Big crew, as usual, now with 8 singers!! Plus… 2 bass clarinets, 2 flutes and drums. I’m myself curious about it… conduction: Iván González voice: Celeste Alías Borjas, Marta Valero, Ilona Schneider, Diana Palau, Magalí Sare, Joana Gomila, Bru Ferri, Rubén Fernández bass clarinet: Marceŀlí Bayer, Luiz Rocha…

  • Las 5 Estaciones Discordianas – Discordian Community Ensemble

    Las 5 Estaciones Discordianas – Discordian Community Ensemble Live performance and recording of Las 5 Estaciones Discordianas (The 5 Discordian Seasons) by Discordian Community Ensemble. El Pricto – composition and conduction Ilona Schneider – soprano Luiz Rocha – bass clarinet Ferran Besalduch – bass saxophone Iván González – trumpet, Amaiur González – tuba Diego Caicedo –…

  • 2nd Impro Jam @ Nocturna Discordia

    Barcelona – December 2015 Vasco Trilla – drums Àlex Reviriego – double bass Luiz Rocha – soprano and bass clarinets Here’s how it works: 1. pick a name out of a hat; 2. throw a four-sided dice to define if the musician is playing either solo, duo, trio or quartet; 3. back to the hat,…