Albert Cirera

  • 2 solos y 1 dúo – Albert Cirera and Vasco Trilla

    The 2nd of a series of home concerts, two solos and one duet featuring Albert Cirera and Vasco Trilla. Un concierto en casa, Vasco y Albert tocarán, cada uno, una pieza solo y luego suman fuerzas para un concierto a dúo.  Y eso en casa. No pasa a menudo! Abrimos puertas a las 19h y…

  • Free Improvisation Jam #6 – who was there?

      I’m late for this but, just to keep the record, here’s the flier and here are the participants: At this round, there was no electric instruments opening the jam, just winds and drums. we were: Pablo Selnik – flute Vasco Trilla – drums Luiz Rocha – clarinets and at the Jam: Albert Cirera –…

  • Quasar – Variable Geometry Orchestra

    Quasar – Variable Geometry Orchestra

    Creative Sources 2016 Quasar was recorded during the Creative Fest 2015 -organized by the label Creative Sources- what made possible gathering  those 45 musicians for the recording. It was mostly freely improvised and briefly conducted by Ernesto Rodrigues. Read some reviews by:The Free Jazz CollectiveThe Squid’s EarAvant Music News Ernesto Rodrigues – conduction and harpMaria…

  • Jam Desterro post MIA, May 2015

    Jam Desterro post MIA, May 2015

    Many musicians that came to MIA attended the Desterro‘s Jam Session the following Tuesday. Here’s a gallery of some of those inspiring performances. May 19th, 2015

  • Memoria Uno @ Sala Fénix – March 4th 2015

    Memoria Uno @ Sala Fénix – March 4th 2015 photos by Elena Márquez Iván González – conduction Oriol Fontclara – alto sax El Pricto – alto sax and clarinet Tom Chant – soprano and tenor saxophones Sergi Felipe – flute and tenor saxophone Jordi Santanach – piccolo and tenor saxophone Naná Rovira – bass clarinet…

  • Crisis by Memoria Uno

    Crisis by Memoria Uno

    Conduction: Iván González (Tracks 1,2,3), Albert Cirera (Track 2)   Ivo Sans, Carlos Falanga: drums Marc Cuevas, Alex Reviriego, Johannes Nästesjö, Nicola Lancerotti: contrabassMarco Mezquida: pianoJulián Sánchez, Pol Padrós, Alvar Monfort: trumpetDarío García: bass tromboneAram Montagut: tenor tromboneAmaiur González: tubaMarcel·lí Bayer: alto sax and bass clarinetEl Pricto: alto sax and clarinetSergi Felipe, Tom Chant, Gonzalo…

  • The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward by Lovecraft’s Aunts

    The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward by Lovecraft’s Aunts

    Luiz Rocha ‘Espiga’: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet Agustí Martínez: Alto Sax Albert Cirera: Tenor Sax on 1, 2 and 4 Tom Chant: Tenor Sax on 3 and 5 Don Malfon: Baritone Sax Pere Masafret: Trombone Miguel Serna: Double Bass Vasco Trilla: Drums Discordian Records – 05 February 2012