Silvia Corda

  • Unknown Shores

    Unknown Shores

    Reciprocal listening and conversational attitude are the special features of this album. Fresh interplay that brings the musicians to cross an intimate threshold unvelaing subtle nuances and stylish inventions. A nice collaboration that shares a good tone palette, with interesting mirroring plays on the grounding double bass by Adriano Orrù, the enchanting keyboard finger dance…



    Ma’adim Vallis VARIABLE GEOMETRY ORCHESTRA Released in April 2nd 2018 by Creative Sources Read a review by Avantscena Ernesto Rodrigues – conduction, valiha & brazilian rabeca Maria Do Mar – violin Guilherme Rodrigues – cello Ricardo Jacinto – cello Miguel Mira – cello Guillaume Gargaud – acoustic guitar Miguel Almeida – classical guitar Gianna de…

  • Live 2016 – Ensemble MIA

    Live 2016 – Ensemble MIA

    Ensemble #1 – Conducted by Mia Zabelka: Paulo Silva – guitar Luiz Rocha, Noel Taylor – clarinet Alvaro Rosso, João Madeira – double bass Bruno Gonçalves, Cortez-Lamont III, Fernando Guiomar – electric guitar Paulo Curado – flute Carlos Canão – gong Pedro Castello Lopes – percussion Silvia Corda – piano Maria do Mar, Sarah Claman…

  • Quasar – Variable Geometry Orchestra

    Quasar – Variable Geometry Orchestra

    Creative Sources 2016 Quasar was recorded during the Creative Fest 2015 -organized by the label Creative Sources- what made possible gathering  those 45 musicians for the recording. It was mostly freely improvised and briefly conducted by Ernesto Rodrigues. Read some reviews by:The Free Jazz CollectiveThe Squid’s EarAvant Music News Ernesto Rodrigues – conduction and harpMaria…

  • Concerto na Manteigaria