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Pictures I’ve shot

Diego Caicedo and Ilona Schneider at Sagrada Familia

Some pics of Diego Caicedo and Ilona Schneider at Sagrada Família’s crypt. Manu Dimango is drawing.

January 16th 2016

Vanderlei Freedom Beer

Beer! A stellar moment during my trip to São Paulo: a whole Sunday among friends brewing a batch of Vanderlei Freedom.
With Luis Orione “Lula”, Marcius Barbieri, André Ricarte and I.

Vanderlei Freedom
Brazilian Pale Ale 5.5%vol
by BrewJah
Brewed in Bixiga

Vanderlei Freedom - Brazilian Pale Ale by BrewJah
Vanderlei Freedom – Brazilian Pale Ale by BrewJah


Evilhorse at Rocksound Music Bar – 3rd July 2015 – Barcelona
Listen to their music at

Heavy gifs, sorry… but no other way to describe this concert. Doom!!

Pianoforti – NED – Nostra Etichetta Discografica @ Alfonsi Pianoforti

Sono Pazzi Questi Romani – They’re crazy, these Romans

The guys from NED – Nostra Etichetta Discografica, went to the biggest piano shop in Rome (around 250 exhibited pianos), gathered together many musicians, set up some microphones and started playing. Loudly. I was there to witness many grand pianos producing an avalanche of sounds, waves of harmonics moving around that old basement that once was part of the Domus Aurea, the house of Emperor Nero himself.

The crazy visionary behind the mixing desk was Paolo Sinigaglia and the players were Luca Miti, Benedetto Fanna, Giovanni Guaccero, Marco Olivieri, Roberto Dogustan, Dario Nitti, Lorenzo Lustri, Kapitan Mikonos, Anna Guidi, Marco Ariano and, at the second round, myself.

I’m late publishing it. It all happened the 19th January 2015.

Dario Nitti @ Valle d’Itria

Dario Nitti is a good friend and drummer, and one of the organizers of a fabulous project: On February 2014, Bari citizens occupied an old, abandoned, military base which is now used as an artistic and social facility. They call it Ex Caserma Liberata or, literally translated to English, Freed Ex-Headquarter.

Those photos were shot on 2nd February 2015 inside a Trullo at Valle d’Itria, where we spent some days playing music, eating rabbits, wild boars and cheese. Amazing.

Jam Desterro post MIA, May 2015

Many musicians that came to MIA attended the Desterro‘s Jam Session the following Tuesday.
Here’s a gallery of some of those inspiring performances.

May 19th, 2015