João Pedro Viegas

  • Unknown Shores

    Unknown Shores

    Reciprocal listening and conversational attitude are the special features of this album. Fresh interplay that brings the musicians to cross an intimate threshold unvelaing subtle nuances and stylish inventions. A nice collaboration that shares a good tone palette, with interesting mirroring plays on the grounding double bass by Adriano Orrù, the enchanting keyboard finger dance…

  • Live 2016 – Ensemble MIA

    Live 2016 – Ensemble MIA

    Ensemble #1 – Conducted by Mia Zabelka: Paulo Silva – guitar Luiz Rocha, Noel Taylor – clarinet Alvaro Rosso, João Madeira – double bass Bruno Gonçalves, Cortez-Lamont III, Fernando Guiomar – electric guitar Paulo Curado – flute Carlos Canão – gong Pedro Castello Lopes – percussion Silvia Corda – piano Maria do Mar, Sarah Claman…

  • MIA 2017 by

    MIA 2017 MIA 2017 MIA 2017-Encontro de Música Improvisada de Atouguia da Baleia, the 8th edition of the festival, is gathering about 80 musicians of 16 countries. It happens annually at a tiny little village called Atouguia da Baleia in Portugal. Rui Eduardo Paes from explains it very well here: | Breves |…

  • MIA 2015 – Ensembles

    MIA 2015 – Ensembles

    MIA 2015 – Conducted Ensembles The complete recordings of the MIA 2015 Conducted Ensembles withAfonso Castanheira, Alvaro Rosso, Carlos Canão, Dario Nitti, Eduard Altaba, Francisco Andrade, François Choiselat, João Godinho, Laura Marques, Luis Fernandes, Luis Guerreiro, Nuno Morão, Nuno Ribeiro, Paulo Duarte, Paulo Pimentel, Pedro Castello Lopes and João Pedro Viegas.

  • The Rive Gauche Mid Range Orchestra – a review by

    The Rive Gauche Mid Range Orchestra – a review by

  • The Rive Gauche Mid Range Orchestra live @ Centro Cultural da Malaposta