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Desterraments i Exorcismes at Màgia Roja

Desterraments i Exorcismes – Màgia Roja

Desterraments i Exorcismes at Màgia RojaIlona Schneider – soprano
Pablo Selnik – flute
Don Malfon – alto saxophone
Luiz Rocha – bass clarinet
Diego Caicedo – guitar
Vasco Trilla – drums
El Pricto – composition and conducting

3rd Impro Jam @ Nocturna Discordia

Jam de Impro 3
This was Nocturna Discordia #56 and the 3rd Free Improvisation Jam Session.
Barcelona, 20 January 2016

The trio that opened the night was:
Patxi Valera – drums
Àlex Reviriego – double bass
Luiz Rocha – soprano and bass clarinets

Then, once again the routine was:
1. pick a name out of a hat;
2. throw a four-sided dice to define if the musician is playing either solo, duo, trio or quartet;
3. back to the hat, pick the other names, if applied.

At the second round we were throwing 2 four-sided dice so that everyone could play once more.

Great music by the opening trio plus:
Ilona Schneider – voice
Pep Mula – drums
João Braz – cello
Pau Sola – cello
Teté Leguía – electric bass
Carlos Ródenas – electric bass
Carlo Mezzino – piano
Diego Caicedo – electric guitar
Olivier Jambois – electric guitar
El Pricto – alto sax
Don Malfon – alto sax
Miquel Jordá – sopranino sax
Tuna Pase – voice, flute and electronics

Here’s a record of the 1st and the 2nd Impro Jam @ Nocturna Discordia.

Filthy Habits Ensemble @ Liceu, Nov. 29th 2014

Filthy Habits Ensemble plays Igor Stravinsky – Free Jazz/Rock
Some (not so old) photos from last years’ concert at Liceu.
Listen to the music

The Transdimensional Seduction Handbook

Teresa Gómez Ramírez: Soprano sax
Xavier Díaz Herrera: Soprano and baritone sax
Don Malfon: Alto and baritone sax
Agustí Martínez: Alto sax
El Pricto: Alto sax
Luiz Rocha: Tenor sax
Pep Pascual: Tenor sax
Luís Vallès: Baritone sax
Ferran Besalduch: Bass sax
Núria Andorrà: Marimba and percussion
Ildefons Alonso: Vibraphone and percussion

Composed and conducted by El Pricto, Pablo Rega and Owen Kilfeather

Discordian Records – 08 June 2014

Sin Anestesia @ Taller Milans February 17th 2014

Sin Anestesia @ Taller Milans February 17th 2014

El Pricto – alto saxophone and conduction
Liba Villavecchia – soprano and tenor saxophones
Xavier Díaz Herrera – soprano and tenor saxophones
Agustí Martínez – alto saxophone
Don Malfon – alto saxophone
Ivan Edwards – alto saxophone
Luiz Rocha – tenor saxophone
Lluís Vallès – baritone saxophone
Ferran Besalduch – bass saxophone

photos by Jonathan Ben Asher

The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward by Lovecraft’s Aunts

Luiz Rocha ‘Espiga’: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Agustí Martínez: Alto Sax
Albert Cirera: Tenor Sax on 1, 2 and 4
Tom Chant: Tenor Sax on 3 and 5
Don Malfon: Baritone Sax
Pere Masafret: Trombone
Miguel Serna: Double Bass
Vasco Trilla: Drums

Discordian Records – 05 February 2012