Degenerative Music #1 – Discordian Community Ensemble

The concept of this album derives from the transliteration on the spot – performed by the conductor – of the scores of a classic and a contemporary composition to hand signals, which were interpreted immediately by the improvising ensemble (which didn’t have access to the scores), all in real time. In conjunction with the conductor, the scores function as signal generators, resulting in what we might call a “degenerativization” of the original works through a specific language of improvisation decided for this particular ensemble. Despite the extreme derivative transformation the pieces maintain more or less the structure, textures and melodic profiles of their generative genus.


lançado em 1 de setembro de 2019


Fernando Brox: flute and harmonic singing
Almudena Vega: flute
Luiz Rocha: bass clarinet
Vicent Muñoz (Vicent Bombardi): saxhorn
Diego Caicedo: electric guitar
Alex Reviriego: electric bass
Joni Garlic: drums
Sarah Claman: violin
Francesc Llompart: violin
João Braz: cello
Mariano Camarasa: cello
El Pricto: conductor, spontaneous degenerator

Concept by El Pricto

Recorded by El Pricto live on June 27, 2018 at Nocturna Discordia #173, Soda Acústic, Barcelona. Mixed and mastered by El Pricto.

Cover art and design by El Pricto

Produced by Discordian