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Adeptus Exemptus by RCJ

Luiz Rocha – clarinet and bass clarinet
Diego Caicedo – electric guitar and amplified objects
Marko Jelača – drums

All music by Luiz Rocha, Diego Caicedo and Marko Jelača
Recorded and mixed by Marko Jelača en MJRemo studio, Barcelona 2014

Mastered by Lopinski
Cover photograph by Luiz Rocha
Cover design by Pricto
Backcover design by Aorita

Produced by RCJ and Discordian Records
Released September 4, 2016

Las 5 Estaciones Discordianas – Discordian Community Ensemble

Discordian Community Ensemble

The 5 Discordian Seasons
Discordian Community Ensemble – As Cinco Estaciones Discordians

Las 5 Estaciones Discordianas – Discordian Community Ensemble

Live performance and recording of Las 5 Estaciones Discordianas (The 5 Discordian Seasons) by Discordian Community Ensemble.

El Pricto – composition and conduction

Ilona Schneider – soprano
Luiz Rocha – bass clarinet
Ferran Besalduch – bass saxophone
Iván González – trumpet,
Amaiur González – tuba
Diego Caicedo – electric guitar
Àlex Reviriego – double bass
Vasco Trilla – drums

Sala Fènix
Riereta 31 – Raval, Barcelona
April 19 @ 21:30

1st Impro Jam @ Nocturna Discordia

names for the random groups at the 1st Impro Jam - Nocturna Discordia #32
Nocturna Discordia – Names for the random groups

Impro Jam at Soda Acústic – Nocturna Discordia #32 – 1st July 2015

Discordian Records organizes Free Improvisation concerts every Wednesday at Soda and yesterday was the first jam session. The opening concert was a quartet composed by Ada Rave (ts), Nicolas Chientaroli (pn), Vasco Trilla (dr) and me, Luiz Rocha (cl).

Ada y Nico curate the Impro Jam in Amsterdan. Playing and sharing a house with them at a the Free Flow Festival in south Italy and joining some great jams in Portugal at MIA and Desterro made me feel the urge to see such a thing in Barcelona: a meeting place where free improvisers – with different backgrounds, concepts and experience, can share music and communicate.

Simple mechanism: for each performance we threw a 4 sided dice to define if the group was either a solo, a duo, a trio or a quartet; then we picked the names of the musicians out of a hat. The grand finale was El Pricto conducting an improvisation with all the musicians who wanted to join.

Will be repeated.

A big synchronicity… today (one day later) the pals from Sessions at Robadors are closing the season with a jam.

Crisis by Memoria Uno

Conduction: Iván González (Tracks 1,2,3), Albert Cirera (Track 2)
Ivo Sans, Carlos Falanga: drums
Marc Cuevas, Alex Reviriego, Johannes Nästesjö, Nicola Lancerotti: contrabass
Marco Mezquida: piano
Julián Sánchez, Pol Padrós, Alvar Monfort: trumpet
Darío García: bass trombone
Aram Montagut: tenor trombone
Amaiur González: tuba
Marcel·lí Bayer: alto sax and bass clarinet
El Pricto: alto sax and clarinet
Sergi Felipe, Tom Chant, Gonzalo Levyn: tenor & soprano saxophones
Joan Mas: baritone sax
Luiz Rocha, Pau Domenech: bass clarinet
Valentin Murillo, Juan Saez, Gerard Marsall: flute
Alfonso Fernández: bassoon
Joäo Silva, Gessami Martín, Stefan Pöntinen, Javier Lecha, Alba Navarro, Violina Pauleta: violin
Alicia Dominguez, Miriam Fernández, Fina Izquierdo: viola
Jordi Claret, Margarida Mariño, Sandrine Robillard, Pilar Rueda, Ana Karent: cello
Recorded live by Lopinski and El Pricto on June 18, 2014, at l’Ateneu Barcelonés
Discordian Records – 21 December 2014

The Transdimensional Seduction Handbook

Teresa Gómez Ramírez: Soprano sax
Xavier Díaz Herrera: Soprano and baritone sax
Don Malfon: Alto and baritone sax
Agustí Martínez: Alto sax
El Pricto: Alto sax
Luiz Rocha: Tenor sax
Pep Pascual: Tenor sax
Luís Vallès: Baritone sax
Ferran Besalduch: Bass sax
Núria Andorrà: Marimba and percussion
Ildefons Alonso: Vibraphone and percussion

Composed and conducted by El Pricto, Pablo Rega and Owen Kilfeather

Discordian Records – 08 June 2014