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  • The Dream of Cthulhu – Discordian Community Ensemble

    The Dream of Cthulhu – Discordian Community Ensemble

    This is a live recording from the cycle of concerts entitled “Nocturna Discordia” that Discordian Records organizes every Wednesday since 2014 at Soda Acùstic, Barcelona. This is the 140th night in its entirety, and features quite dark (and sometimes funny) music by El Pricto, inspired in Lovecrafitian imagery. Fernando Brox: flute Luiz Rocha: bass clarinet…

  • Insect Politics – Francesc Llompart

    Insect Politics – Francesc Llompart

    “Insect Politics” was recorded on October 23, 2012 at The Hodge Podge by El Pricto; “Hrönir” was recorded on June 21, 2018 at Sinestesia by Francesc Llompart; “Zipf!” was recorded live on February 21, 2017 at Centre Cívic Albareda by LopinskiMixed by Francesc LlompartMastered by Francesc Llompart and El Pricto Concept and cover art by…

  • Tangencial Views – El Pricto

    Tangencial Views – El Pricto

    “Tangential Views” is a collection of archive recordings that never made it into a released album. The principal characteristic of these pieces is that they comprise overdubbing and stereophonic juxtaposition of textures as a common feature. They were composed at a time when I was somewhat obsessed with stereo panned minimalist textures made of improvised…

  • Degenerative Music #1 – Discordian Community Ensemble

    Degenerative Music #1 – Discordian Community Ensemble

    The concept of this album derives from the transliteration on the spot – performed by the conductor – of the scores of a classic and a contemporary composition to hand signals, which were interpreted immediately by the improvising ensemble (which didn’t have access to the scores), all in real time. In conjunction with the conductor,…

  • Adeptus Exemptus by RCJ

    Adeptus Exemptus by RCJ

    RCJLuiz Rocha – clarinet and bass clarinetDiego Caicedo – electric guitar and amplified objectsMarko Jelača – drums All music by Luiz Rocha, Diego Caicedo and Marko JelačaRecorded and mixed by Marko Jelača en MJRemo studio, Barcelona 2014 Mastered by LopinskiCover photograph by Luiz RochaCover design by PrictoBackcover design by Aorita Produced by RCJ and Discordian…

  • Las 5 Estaciones Discordianas – Discordian Community Ensemble

    Las 5 Estaciones Discordianas – Discordian Community Ensemble Live performance and recording of Las 5 Estaciones Discordianas (The 5 Discordian Seasons) by Discordian Community Ensemble. El Pricto – composition and conduction Ilona Schneider – soprano Luiz Rocha – bass clarinet Ferran Besalduch – bass saxophone Iván González – trumpet, Amaiur González – tuba Diego Caicedo –…

  • Memoria Uno – Crisis – A review by Jazz.pt

    Here’s a nice review – in Portuguese, of Memoria Uno’s Crisis (Discordian Records 2014) written by Rui Eduardo Paes for Jazz.pt Listen to the album here

  • 1st Impro Jam @ Nocturna Discordia

    Impro Jam at Soda Acústic – Nocturna Discordia #32 – 1st July 2015 Discordian Records organizes Free Improvisation concerts every Wednesday at Soda and yesterday was the first jam session. The opening concert was a quartet composed by Ada Rave (ts), Nicolas Chientaroli (pn), Vasco Trilla (dr) and me, Luiz Rocha (cl). Ada y Nico curate…

  • Infatuous Chambers

    Infatuous Chambers

    Johannes Nästesjö: double bassStefan Pöntinen: violinLuiz Rocha: bass clarinet and clarinetEl Pricto: alto saxophone and clarinet All music by Johannes Nästesjö/Stefan Pöntinen/Luiz Rocha/El Prictoexcept “Morro Fi” and “Netherworld” written by Johannes Nästesjö Discordian Records – 29 March 2015