Unknown Shores

Reciprocal listening and conversational attitude are the special features of this album.

Fresh interplay that brings the musicians to cross an intimate threshold unvelaing subtle nuances and stylish inventions.
A nice collaboration that shares a good tone palette, with interesting mirroring plays on the grounding double bass by Adriano Orrù, the enchanting keyboard finger dance by Silvia Corda, the bodied yet flexible whispers and shouts by João Pedro and Luiz Rocha’s woodwinds.


All music composed by João Pedro Viegas, Luiz Rocha, Silvia Corda, Adriano Orrù
Recorded at Namouche Studio on November 26, 2017
Sound engineer: Joaquim Monte
Mixing: Abdul Moimême
Mastering: Simon Balestrazzi
Graphics: Nicola Guazzaloca
Liner Notes: Massimo Falascone
Translation: Tabitha Sowden
Production: Unknown Shores
Executive production: Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records