Nocturna Discordia #33 – Video

Nocturna Discordia #33 – at Soda Acústic – Barcelona

Here’s an excerpt of the Nocturna Discordia performance filmed and edited by Antoni Robert Gadea that features a special moment of the night, a clarinet trio with soprano, bass and contra-bass clarinets.

Christer Bothén – bass and contra-bass clarinets
Luiz Rocha – soprano and bass clarinets
El Pricto – alto sax and clarinet
Miquel Jordá – sopranino sax
Vasco Trilla – drums

Clarinet Trio at Nocturna Discordia #33
foto by Roberto Dominguez

Review: Nocturna Discordia #33

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Review by Dave Foxall for Jazz Journal UK

Christer Bothén – bass and contra-bass clarinets
Luiz Rocha – soprano and bass clarinets
El Pricto – alto sax and clarinet
Miquel Jordá – sopranino sax
Vasco Trilla – drums

One more amazing night of free improvisation at the Nocturna Discordia sessions in Barcelona, this one was the 33rd edition and we were lucky to have Christer Bothén and Miquel Jordá as guests. Smooth yet sharp music, we naturally led to short improvisations. Playing small – and sometimes miniature, pieces, changing the instrumentation on each of them made this session very dynamic and fun. we were also lucky enough to have Dave Foxall there to write his impressions about it for the Jazz Journal UK.

You can read the review here.

Nocturna Discordia #33
foto by Roberto Dominguez

Subito Martes Discordiano @ Taller Milans

SÚBITO MARTES DISCORDIANO - Free Improvisation with Pablo Ledesma, Enric Ponsa, Luiz Rocha, El Pricto y Álex Reviriego at Taller Milans

Suddenly, abruptly, swiftly, unexpectedly, out of the blue, next Tuesday, 21st of July at Taller Milans, we’ll have a concert with a special guest from overseas.

Here’s the band:
Pablo Ledesma – alto sax
El Pricto – alto sax and clarinet
Luiz Rocha – soprano and bass clarinets
Álex Reviriego – double bass
Enric Ponsa – drums

@ Taller Milans
c/Milans 4, 21h30

Nocturna Discordia #33, 8th July 2015

Amazing concert at Nocturna Discordia #33.

We were lucky to have Miquel Jordá bringing Christer Bothén to Barcelona, to work on a project called Laboratorio del Silencio. Then, there they were, that 8th July 2015 , at Soda Acústic playing with Vasco Trilla and El Pricto at Nocturna Discordia #33.

I got there early to watch the concert when I was suddenly threatened to go back home and bring my clarinets. What I promptly did.

The quintet was:
Christer Bothén– bass and contrabass clarinets;
Miquel Jordá – sopranino saxophone;
El Pricto – clarinet and alto saxophone;
Vasco Trilla – drums; and me,
Luiz Rocha – soprano and bass clarinets.

Those nice phone photos were shot by Roberto Domínguez.

Jam Session @ Robadors 23, 2nd July 2015

El Pricto y Luiz Rocha at Robadors Sessions

Great! Two consecutives jam sessions of Free Improvisation.
You can find some photos of the Robadors Sessions jam at Dani Álvarez’ blog The Way You Look Tonight


Evilhorse at Rocksound Music Bar – 3rd July 2015 – Barcelona
Listen to their music at

Heavy gifs, sorry… but no other way to describe this concert. Doom!!

1st Impro Jam @ Nocturna Discordia

names for the random groups at the 1st Impro Jam - Nocturna Discordia #32
Nocturna Discordia – Names for the random groups

Impro Jam at Soda Acústic – Nocturna Discordia #32 – 1st July 2015

Discordian Records organizes Free Improvisation concerts every Wednesday at Soda and yesterday was the first jam session. The opening concert was a quartet composed by Ada Rave (ts), Nicolas Chientaroli (pn), Vasco Trilla (dr) and me, Luiz Rocha (cl).

Ada y Nico curate the Impro Jam in Amsterdan. Playing and sharing a house with them at a the Free Flow Festival in south Italy and joining some great jams in Portugal at MIA and Desterro made me feel the urge to see such a thing in Barcelona: a meeting place where free improvisers – with different backgrounds, concepts and experience, can share music and communicate.

Simple mechanism: for each performance we threw a 4 sided dice to define if the group was either a solo, a duo, a trio or a quartet; then we picked the names of the musicians out of a hat. The grand finale was El Pricto conducting an improvisation with all the musicians who wanted to join.

Will be repeated.

A big synchronicity… today (one day later) the pals from Sessions at Robadors are closing the season with a jam.