Nocturna Discordia #33, 8th July 2015

Amazing concert at Nocturna Discordia #33.

We were lucky to have Miquel Jordá bringing Christer Bothén to Barcelona, to work on a project called Laboratorio del Silencio. Then, there they were, that 8th July 2015 , at Soda Acústic playing with Vasco Trilla and El Pricto at Nocturna Discordia #33.

I got there early to watch the concert when I was suddenly threatened to go back home and bring my clarinets. What I promptly did.

The quintet was:
Christer Bothén– bass and contrabass clarinets;
Miquel Jordá – sopranino saxophone;
El Pricto – clarinet and alto saxophone;
Vasco Trilla – drums; and me,
Luiz Rocha – soprano and bass clarinets.

Those nice phone photos were shot by Roberto Domínguez.