Borderline – Borderline – FezayaFirar & Luiz Rocha

The album “Borderline” is the live improvised session of clarinet player Luiz Rocha and the experimental electronic duo FezayaFirar for the silent movie with the same name during “Marathon der Liebe” Silent Film Festival 2016 in Zürich, Switzerland.
This is the spontenaous and succinct response of the musicians to the UK/Swiss production silent film from 1930 “Borderline” by Kenneth Macpherson, where the core theme of the film builds around forbidden interracial relationships leading to racial stigma. Conflicts, despair. This broken plot together with the deep and detailed sound world created at two o’clock in the night has invited the ghosts of former mistakes to the room.

Luiz Rocha is a Brazilian clarinet and bass clarinet player based in Barcelona. He produces works mostly in free improvisation, new music and contemporary genres and takes part in various avant-garde infused ensembles and collaborations. He is a close collaborator with Discordian Records. EndTitles released an album with Luiz in 2015.
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Released on July 11th 2019

Emre Sarigöl: Modular Synth, Ebass
Melih Sarigöl: Electronics, Strings
Luiz Rocha: Clarinets
Mastering: Melih Sarıgöl