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Nocturna Discordia #84

At Soda Acústic during the Festas de Gracia

Nocturna Discordia #84 - Festas de Gracia
Nocturna Discordia #84

Nocturna Discordia #84 at Festas de Gracia

Diego Caicedo – electric guitar
Alex Reviriego – double bass
Enric Ponsa – drums
Vasco Trilla – drums
El Pricto – saxophone
Luiz Rocha – clarinet
Raimon Molà
Xavi Garrabella

Soda Acústic
C/ Guilleries 6
17th August 2016 @ 20h00

Colectivo BDB at CAT – Centre Artesà Tradicionàrius

Colectivo BDB @ CAT Tradicionarius BCNColectivo BDB

Colectivo BDB strikes again the 15th of July at CAT – Centre Artesà Tradicionàrius, Barcelona. It took a while to, once again, gather the group, but here we are, willing to play. And for those willing to dance, this is a must go concert. A big orchestra, a great crew and lots of energy under the direction of Mû Mbana. Afrobeat at its best.

we are:
Alê Ortega, Guillem Aguilar Nolis, Paulinho Lêmos, Lluís Boronat Casanova, Martin Horne, Natsuko Sugao, Robson Rodrigues Bonfim, Baba Maiga, Mû Mbana, Sol Homar, Karafa Diatta Diatta, Juan Pablo Balcazar, Àlvar Monfort, Luiz Rocha, Júlio Marques Adoglio, Crá Rosa, Diego Lopez Collia

Production by Balaio Producciones
Photos by Joan Tomás

CAT – Centre Artesà Tradicionàrius BCN
15th July 2016
Travessia de Sant Antoni, 6-8
08012 Barcelona
Metro L3 Fontana
Autobús: 22, 24 i 28
Ferrocarrils: Gràcia

Watch this video if you wanna know a bit about it:

Quasar – Variable Geometry Orchestra

Quasar – Variable Geometry Orchestra

Creative Sources 2016VGO - Apparent Magnitude

Quasar was recorded during the Creative Fest 2015 -organized by the label Creative Sources- what made possible gathering  those 45 musicians for the recording. It was mostly freely improvised and briefly conducted by Ernesto Rodrigues.

Read some reviews by:
The Free Jazz Collective
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Ernesto Rodrigues – conduction and harp
Maria da Rocha – violin
Emanuela Lioy – violin
Maria do Mar – viola
Guilherme Rodrigues – cello
Miguel Mira – cello
Álvaro Rosso – double bass
Adam Pultz Melbye – double bass
Hernani Faustino – double bass
Adriano Orrù – double bass
João Madeira – double bass
Miguel Ivo Cruz – viola da gamba
Emídio Buchinho – acoustic guitar
Flak – acoustic guitar
Abdul Moimême – prepared electric guitar
Paulo Duarte – electric guitar
Antônio Chaparreiro – electric guitar
Stephan Sieben – electric guitar
Guilherme Carmelo – baritone guitar
Maria Radich – voice
Paulo Curado – flute
Paulo Chagas – oboe
Bruno Parrinha – clarinet and alto clarinet
Ricardo Ribeiro – bass clarinet
Paulo Galão – bass clarinet
Luiz Rocha – bass clarinet
Albert Cirera – soprano and tenor saxophone
Nuno Torres – alto saxophone
Sei Miguel – pocket trumpet
Yaw Tembe – trumpet
Luís Vicente – trumpet
Fala Mariam – alto trombone
Eduardo Chagas – trombone
Fernando Simões – trombone
Carlos Santos João Silva – synthesizer
Nuno Moita – turntable
Armando Pereira – toy piano
Manuel Guimarães – church organ
Silvia Corda – melodica
Nuno Morão – drums
Monsieur Trinité – percussion
Carlos Godinho – percussion
Hakon Berre – percussion
André Hencleeday – percussion
Pedro Castello Lopes – percussion

Quasar – Variable Geometry Orchestra was recorded live on 29th November 2015 at St.George’s Church by André Silva and Pedro Serrano – Scratch Built Studio. Photography by  Nuno Martins, Graphic Design by Carlos Santos, Production by Ernesto Rodrigues.

The Rive Gauche Mid Range Orchestra – a review by Jazz.pt

Jazz.pt logo

The Rive Gauche Mid Range Orchestra at Centro Cultural da Malaposta

The Rive Gauche Mid Range Orchestra – a review by Jazz.pt