Ferran Besalduch

  • The Dream of Cthulhu – Discordian Community Ensemble

    The Dream of Cthulhu – Discordian Community Ensemble

    This is a live recording from the cycle of concerts entitled “Nocturna Discordia” that Discordian Records organizes every Wednesday since 2014 at Soda Acùstic, Barcelona. This is the 140th night in its entirety, and features quite dark (and sometimes funny) music by El Pricto, inspired in Lovecrafitian imagery. Fernando Brox: flute Luiz Rocha: bass clarinet…

  • Discordian Community Ensemble @ Robadors 23

    Fernando Brox – flute Ferran Besalduch – bass saxophone Iván González – trumpet Sarah Claman – violin Diego Caicedo – electric guitar Vasco Trilla – drums Luiz Rocha – bass clarinet El Pricto – composer and conductor

  • 1 duo + 1 trio + Miriam Reyes

    The 5th of a series of home concerts, featuring L’Ocell (Ferran Fages, Àlex Reviriego, Fernando Carrasco), Ferran Besalduch and, myself, Luiz Rocha. Invited poet: Miriam Reyes. 2017 June 2nd Barcelona the link for the 2nd, 3rd and the 4th

  • Las 5 Estaciones Discordianas – Discordian Community Ensemble

    Las 5 Estaciones Discordianas – Discordian Community Ensemble Live performance and recording of Las 5 Estaciones Discordianas (The 5 Discordian Seasons) by Discordian Community Ensemble. El Pricto – composition and conduction Ilona Schneider – soprano Luiz Rocha – bass clarinet Ferran Besalduch – bass saxophone Iván González – trumpet, Amaiur González – tuba Diego Caicedo –…

  • 1st Impro Jam @ Nocturna Discordia

    Impro Jam at Soda Acústic – Nocturna Discordia #32 – 1st July 2015 Discordian Records organizes Free Improvisation concerts every Wednesday at Soda and yesterday was the first jam session. The opening concert was a quartet composed by Ada Rave (ts), Nicolas Chientaroli (pn), Vasco Trilla (dr) and me, Luiz Rocha (cl). Ada y Nico curate…

  • Ferran Besalduch

  • The Transdimensional Seduction Handbook

    The Transdimensional Seduction Handbook

    Teresa Gómez Ramírez: Soprano saxXavier Díaz Herrera: Soprano and baritone saxDon Malfon: Alto and baritone saxAgustí Martínez: Alto saxEl Pricto: Alto saxLuiz Rocha: Tenor saxPep Pascual: Tenor saxLuís Vallès: Baritone saxFerran Besalduch: Bass saxNúria Andorrà: Marimba and percussionIldefons Alonso: Vibraphone and percussion Composed and conducted by El Pricto, Pablo Rega and Owen Kilfeather Discordian Records…

  • Sin Anestesia @ Taller Milans February 17th 2014

    Sin Anestesia @ Taller Milans February 17th 2014 El Pricto – alto saxophone and conduction Liba Villavecchia – soprano and tenor saxophones Xavier Díaz Herrera – soprano and tenor saxophones Agustí Martínez – alto saxophone Don Malfon – alto saxophone Ivan Edwards – alto saxophone Luiz Rocha – tenor saxophone Lluís Vallès – baritone saxophone Ferran…

  • bLow – Això és grav​í​ssim!

    bLow – Això és grav​í​ssim!

    Ferran Besalduch: Bass Saxophone, sopranino saxophone on 3Joan Palacio: Contrabass Trombone, trombone on 3David Parras: Tuba, euphonium on 3 Special guests:Teresa Galceran: Bass flute on 5, piccolo flute on 3Luiz Rocha: Bass clarinet on 5, clarinet on 3 “Catacumbas” composed by el Pricto and “Tutankamen” by Roscoe Mitchell Recorded by El Pricto at Discordian Records,…