December 2015

  • best of 2015 – a Jazz Noise

    best of 2015 This is the last post of 2015 and, with Orrù, Mar, Rocha – “Live at MIA 2015” (EndTitles) – we’re at the best of list compiled by Dave Foxall’s at A Jazz Noise. The Orrù, Mar, Rocha trio was born at MIA, a big festival/meeting of improvised music at a Atouguia da…

  • Avant Music News – Review

    The Orrù – Mar – Rocha release by EndTitles, reviewed by Avant Music News. AMN Reviews: Palimpsest Trio – Stanze [pyr168]; Orrù Mar Rocha – Live at MIA 2015 [Endtitles ET2] Improvisation can be, among other things, a kind of spontaneous composition. Two improvisational trios whose common element is Sardinian double bassist Adriano Orrù are…

  • 2nd Impro Jam @ Nocturna Discordia

    Barcelona – December 2015 Vasco Trilla – drums Àlex Reviriego – double bass Luiz Rocha – soprano and bass clarinets Here’s how it works: 1. pick a name out of a hat; 2. throw a four-sided dice to define if the musician is playing either solo, duo, trio or quartet; 3. back to the hat,…

  • PoYesis

      at December 22th 2015 Sala Fènix Riereta 31, Raval with Laila Zylberberg, Rubén Fernandez, Alba Tor, Miquel Jordà and Luiz Rocha

  • Vanderlei Freedom Beer

    Vanderlei Freedom Beer

    Beer! A stellar moment during my trip to São Paulo: a whole Sunday among friends brewing a batch of Vanderlei Freedom. With Luis Orione “Lula”, Marcius Barbieri, André Ricarte and I. Vanderlei Freedom Brazilian Pale Ale 5.5%vol by BrewJah Brewed in Bixiga

  • Discordian Community Ensemble – Clásicos de Nunca Jamás con Almudena Vega flauta; Naná Rovira clarinete bajo; Luiz Rocha clarinete bajo; Sarah Claman violín; Pau Sola cello; Jordina Millà piano; Martín Léiton contrabajo; Paula Pinero percusión; Patxi Valera batería; El Pricto conducción y Diego Caicedo guitarra eléctrica