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Almudena González – Luiz Rocha | DUO Live at Matera

This is a recording while checking the acoustics before our concert at the Free Flow Festival in Matera, South Italy.

We’re playing at a Sassi di Matera, in a cave that in the past was used to store goods for making wine. This place has an amazing acoustic, a lot of resonance and quite balanced frequencies. All the reverberation you’ll listen here is natural of the cave.

Almudena González Vega – flute
Luiz Rocha – clarinet

Cantinone – Free Flow Festival
Matera – Italy
23th July 2016

Free Flow Festival Duo Matera - Italy Almudena González Vega – flute Luiz Rocha – clarinet

Free Flow Festival – 2016

Free Flow Festival – 2016

Back again to south Italy, now playing as a duo with Almudena Vega.

We’re performing at the Free Flow Festival, organized by Carlo Mascolo, lined up with the Muzic Plus Ensemble.

Almudena Vega – Flute
Luiz Rocha – clarinet and bass clarinet

Muzic Plus Ensemble
Michelle Russo – electric piano and synths
Domenico Acquaviva – electric bass and cupa-cupa
Donato Maragno – double bass
Felice Furioso – drums

Free Flow Festival

Free Flow Festival

via S.ta. Cesarea – Matera
23th July 2016 – 21h30

Centro Arenacea
P.za S.Francesco – Irsina
24th July 2016 – 21h30