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Man With a Movie Camera (1929) Dziga Vertov

Cinema Irreal – May 8th – 21h30

Cinema Irreal

Man With a Movie Camera (1929) Dziga Vertov

Live Music by:
– Maria do Mar – violin
– Maria Radich – voice
– Luiz Rocha – clarinet and bass clarinet
– José Bruno Parrinha – alto sax and bass clarinet
– Álvaro Rosso – doublebass

As stated by Vertov, Man With a Movie Camera is “an experiment in the cinematic transmission of visual phenomena… without intertitles… without a script… without sets, actors, etc” or, in other words, Pure Cinema.

The live soundtrack we propose is just like that: Pure Music.

Cinema Irreal
Bar Irreal
Rua Poço dos Negros 59 – Lisbon
May 8th – 21h30