23 Robadors

  • Discordian Community Ensemble @ Robadors 23

    Fernando Brox – flute Ferran Besalduch – bass saxophone Iván González – trumpet Sarah Claman – violin Diego Caicedo – electric guitar Vasco Trilla – drums Luiz Rocha – bass clarinet El Pricto – composer and conductor

  • Free Brull Sesión #2 @Robadors 23

    Free Brull Sesión #2 at Robadors 23, tomorrow, 16th July, 19h30 with Pol Padrós Mercadé – trumpet Luiz Rocha – clarinets Alex Reviriego – double bass Genís Bagés Rubí – drums no, we’re not really playing Ornette Coleman! Free!

  • Jam Session @ Robadors 23, 2nd July 2015

    Great! Two consecutives jam sessions of Free Improvisation. You can find some photos of the Robadors Sessions jam at Dani Álvarez’ blog The Way You Look Tonight