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7 questions for Luiz Rocha

7 answers for Dave Foxall’s 7 Questions for A Jazz Noise

“The first improvised music I heard in Barcelona came courtesy of Luiz Rocha’s bass clarinet, in a duo with drummer Marko Jelača at Club Cronopios. I’ve since had the good fortune to hear him play in a variety of situations, from small group improvising to swirling big band chaos, and even a clarinet trio devoted to Black Sabbath. Luiz’s two most recent releases encompass his scope nicely: one is “Ten Miles to Bisbee” (Discordian Records), a big band western soundtrack with a twist; the other a spontaneous trio improvisation “Live at MIA” (End Titles) which featured on a Jazz Noise’s ‘Best of 2015’ list in December.”

1. What was your first musical instrument, and what did it mean to you?
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