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Review: Nocturna Discordia #33

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Review by Dave Foxall for Jazz Journal UK

Christer Bothén – bass and contra-bass clarinets
Luiz Rocha – soprano and bass clarinets
El Pricto – alto sax and clarinet
Miquel Jordá – sopranino sax
Vasco Trilla – drums

One more amazing night of free improvisation at the Nocturna Discordia sessions in Barcelona, this one was the 33rd edition and we were lucky to have Christer Bothén and Miquel Jordá as guests. Smooth yet sharp music, we naturally led to short improvisations. Playing small – and sometimes miniature, pieces, changing the instrumentation on each of them made this session very dynamic and fun. we were also lucky enough to have Dave Foxall there to write his impressions about it for the Jazz Journal UK.

You can read the review here.

Nocturna Discordia #33
foto by Roberto Dominguez

The Rive Gauche Mid Range Orchestra – a review by Jazz.pt

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The Rive Gauche Mid Range Orchestra at Centro Cultural da Malaposta

The Rive Gauche Mid Range Orchestra – a review by Jazz.pt

Discordian Friday #7: Friday Bloody Friday at Taller Milans – 20th Mar ’15 – review

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Discordian Friday #7: Friday Bloody Friday (Taller Milans, 2015-03-20) photo by Elena Márquez

Friday Bloody Friday @ Taller Milans – The Black Sabbath Clarinet Trio, a review from A Jazz Noise
Barcelona, March 20th 2015

Ozzy Pricto (clarinet)
Naná ‘Tony’ Rovira (bass clarinet)
Luiz ‘Geezer’ Rocha (bass clarinet)
Enric Ponsa-Ward (drums)

Memoria Uno – CD Review by noiself.blogspot.com.es

Memoria Uno - Crisis - CD Review by Noiself

A review of Memoria Uno – Crisis by noiself.blogspot.com.es (in Spanish)

Listen to the music while you read it at Discordian Records’ website, see some photos by Elena Márquez

here’s who is in:

Conduction: Iván González (Tracks 1,2,3), Albert Cirera (Track 2)
Ivo Sans, Carlos Falanga: drums
Marc Cuevas, Alex Reviriego, Johannes Nästesjö, Nicola Lancerotti: contrabass
Marco Mezquida: piano
Julián Sánchez, Pol Padrós, Alvar Monfort: trumpet
Darío García: bass trombone
Aram Montagut: tenor trombone
Amaiur González: tuba
Marcel·lí Bayer: alto sax and bass clarinet
El Pricto: alto sax and clarinet
Sergi Felipe, Tom Chant, Gonzalo Levyn: tenor & soprano saxophones
Joan Mas: baritone sax
Luiz Rocha, Pau Domenech: bass clarinet
Valentin Murillo, Juan Saez, Gerard Marsall: flute
Alfonso Fernández: bassoon
Joäo Silva, Gessami Martín, Stefan Pöntinen, Javier Lecha, Alba Navarro, Violina Pauleta: violin
Alicia Dominguez, Miriam Fernández, Fina Izquierdo: viola
Jordi Claret, Margarida Mariño, Sandrine Robillard, Pilar Rueda, Ana Karent: cello