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Adeptus Exemptus by RCJ

Luiz Rocha – clarinet and bass clarinet
Diego Caicedo – electric guitar and amplified objects
Marko Jelača – drums

All music by Luiz Rocha, Diego Caicedo and Marko Jelača
Recorded and mixed by Marko Jelača en MJRemo studio, Barcelona 2014

Mastered by Lopinski
Cover photograph by Luiz Rocha
Cover design by Pricto
Backcover design by Aorita

Produced by RCJ and Discordian Records
Released September 4, 2016

muerte.parto by Verena

video art: muerte.parto from Verena Gründhammer.

A composition of repeating images arranged to the rhythm of improvised, experimental music;
A sound of pattern occurs due to the repetition of clips. Distorted images make some of these repetitions unrecognisable. The cuts are fast and restless, resulting in a constant cycle of loosing and finding, dying and being born.
Towards the end of the video changes arise within a clip (tint and shade). The images no longer tremble, they sway. Muerte.parto is a perspective on death and birth. A perspective on change… tremble

Music by RCJ
Luiz Rocha “Espiga” – Bass Clarinet
Diego Caicedo – Guitar
Marko Jelača – Drums