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BCN Improfest 2018

BCN Improfest 2018
Barcelona Improfest 2018


Nuno Rebelo – electric guitar
Vasco Trilla – drums
Luiz Rocha – clarinets


Lata Ensemble:
Joan Bagés – electronics
Sebastian Vidal – electric guitar
João Braz – cello
Francesc Llompart – violin
Ivan Edwards – soprano saxophone
Luiz Rocha – clarinets

Free Improvisation Jam #4 – Nocturna Discordia

Free Improvisation Jam #4

Soda Acústic
Barcelona – February 24 2016

This was Nocturna Discordia #60 and the 4th free improvisation jam at Soda Acústic and, wow, what a big crew showed up this Wednesday, there were a total of 28 musicians including the opening trio! Was it for the flyer??

Once more the groups were formed randomly, but this time the possibilities ranged from duo to quintet, picking the performer’s names out of my pocket. That was cool but, for sure, gotta perfect the formula when there’s such a crowd willing to play…

The opening trio was

Patxi Valera – drums
Nuno Rebelo – electric guitar
Luiz Rocha – clarinets

And the jamming musicians were

Pablo Rega – electric guitar
Gabriel González – drums
Ariel Zutel – hang
Pablo Vazquez – electric bass
Johannes Nästesjö – cello
Sarah Claman – violin
Pau Sola – cello
El Pricto – alto sax and piano
Ilona Schneider – voice
Eitamar – electric guitar
Bernat Giribet – piano
Mariano Caramasa – piano
Cesar Sangay – piano
Fernando Carrasco – acustic guitar
Tomas  Becket – piano
Teté Leguía – electric bass
Owen Kilfeather – voice and electric guitar
Hilario Rodeiro – electronics
Almudena Vega – flute
Pedro González – violin
Diego Caicedo – electric guitar
Caro Tierhs – violin
Mojca – piano
Laura “a secas” Arcalís – electric guitar
Borjas – electric bass

Here’s a record of the past free improvisation jams at Nocturna Discordia: the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd.

Reminding future participants: this jam happens once every 5 weeks at Soda Acústic and every Wednesday there’s concert organized by the Discordian Records crew.

Free Improvisacion Jam - Performers
Free Improvisacion Jam

Jam de Improvisacion Libre – Nocturna Discordia #60

Jam de Improvisacion Libre – Free Improvisation Jam #4

Opening the night
The Sofreetos
Nuno Rebelo – electric guitar
Patxi Valera – drums
Luiz Rocha – clarinets

Soda Acústic
Guilleries 6 – Barcelona
February 24 @ 21h30

Jam de Improvisacion Libre
Nocturna Discordia #60 – Glaciator’s Jam
Jam de Improvisación Libre #4

A bit about the earliest jams here #1 #2#3

A post-Primavera jam at Magia Roja – 1st June ’15 a review by a Jazz Noise

A Jazz Noise logo

An Improv Session at Magia Roja, 1st June 2015 – A Review by A Jazz Noise

Hans-Joachim Roedelius (analogue synthesizer)
Christopher Chaplin (iPhone)
Francesc Diaz Melis (analogue synthesizer, sequencer)
Florenci Salesas (melodica, xylophone, analogue synthesizer)
Nuno Rebelo (guitar)
Eli Gras (amplified objects, guitar)
El Pricto (alto saxophone, plus a touch of synth)
Luiz Rocha (bass clarinet)
Antoni Robert Gadea (guitar)