muerte.parto by Verena

video art: muerte.parto from Verena Gründhammer.

A composition of repeating images arranged to the rhythm of improvised, experimental music;
A sound of pattern occurs due to the repetition of clips. Distorted images make some of these repetitions unrecognisable. The cuts are fast and restless, resulting in a constant cycle of loosing and finding, dying and being born.
Towards the end of the video changes arise within a clip (tint and shade). The images no longer tremble, they sway. Muerte.parto is a perspective on death and birth. A perspective on change… tremble

Music by RCJ
Luiz Rocha “Espiga” – Bass Clarinet
Diego Caicedo – Guitar
Marko Jelača – Drums

The Transdimensional Seduction Handbook

Teresa Gómez Ramírez: Soprano sax
Xavier Díaz Herrera: Soprano and baritone sax
Don Malfon: Alto and baritone sax
Agustí Martínez: Alto sax
El Pricto: Alto sax
Luiz Rocha: Tenor sax
Pep Pascual: Tenor sax
Luís Vallès: Baritone sax
Ferran Besalduch: Bass sax
Núria Andorrà: Marimba and percussion
Ildefons Alonso: Vibraphone and percussion

Composed and conducted by El Pricto, Pablo Rega and Owen Kilfeather

Discordian Records – 08 June 2014

Colectivo BDB – Video

Mû – voice & direction

Robson R. Bonfim – tuba
Alexis Ortega – trombone
Natsuko Sugao – trumpet
Alvar Montfort – trumpet
Sol Homar – percussion
Crá Rosa – percussion
Baba Maiga – percussion
Robert Dokponnou – percussion
Zé Luiz Silva – percussion
Martín Horne – percussion
Julio Marks – baritone sax
Luiz Rocha “Espiga” – bass clarinet
Jimmy Jenks – tenor sax
Miguel Pintxo – tenor sax
Lluís Boronat – clarinet
Gonzalo Paniagua – clarinet

Juan Pablo Balcázar – contrabass
Martín Laportilla – bass
Jurandir Santana – guitar
Diego Collia – guitar

Recorded in Barcelona, on 27 June, 2013
Balaio Producciones