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Memoria Uno – 10th session

Memoria Uno
Memoria Uno - 10a session

Memoria Uno – 10th Session

Big crew, as usual, now with 8 singers!!
Plus… 2 bass clarinets, 2 flutes and drums.
I’m myself curious about it…

Iván González

Celeste Alías Borjas
, Marta Valero, Ilona Schneider, Diana Palau, Magalí Sare, Joana Gomila, Bru Ferri, Rubén Fernández
bass clarinet:
Marceŀlí Bayer, Luiz Rocha
Fernando Brox, Pablo Selnik
double bass:
Marc Cuevas, Àlex Reviriego
Oriol Roca

Sala Fènix
Riereta 31 – Raval, Barcelona
April 26 @ 21:30

Free Improvisation Jam #5 – Nocturna Discordia

Free Improvisation Jam #4
Free Improvisation Jam #5 – Nocturna Discordia


Free Improvisation Jam #5

Soda Acústic
Barcelona – March 30th 2016

The Jam before, the 4th, was a big crowd, difficult to organize and to listen to. But, with a few musicians, this 5th one brought down the statistics, an intimate Jam among friends.

opening trio
Oriol Roca – drums
Diego Caicedo – electric guitar and amplified objects
Luiz Rocha – clarinet and bass clarinet

joined by
Ivan Edwards – soprano sax
Owen Kilfeather – voice
Guy – voice and body percussion
El Pricto –  Patillas Black and piano
Ilona Schneider – voice
Carlo Mezzino – piano
Maria Pappalardi – voice

Here’s a record of the past free improvisation jams at Nocturna Discordia: the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th.