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The Transdimensional Seduction Handbook

Teresa Gómez Ramírez: Soprano sax
Xavier Díaz Herrera: Soprano and baritone sax
Don Malfon: Alto and baritone sax
Agustí Martínez: Alto sax
El Pricto: Alto sax
Luiz Rocha: Tenor sax
Pep Pascual: Tenor sax
Luís Vallès: Baritone sax
Ferran Besalduch: Bass sax
Núria Andorrà: Marimba and percussion
Ildefons Alonso: Vibraphone and percussion

Composed and conducted by El Pricto, Pablo Rega and Owen Kilfeather

Discordian Records – 08 June 2014

The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward by Lovecraft’s Aunts

Luiz Rocha ‘Espiga’: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Agustí Martínez: Alto Sax
Albert Cirera: Tenor Sax on 1, 2 and 4
Tom Chant: Tenor Sax on 3 and 5
Don Malfon: Baritone Sax
Pere Masafret: Trombone
Miguel Serna: Double Bass
Vasco Trilla: Drums

Discordian Records – 05 February 2012

1st Mission by S.N.A.F.U. PROJECT

El Pricto: Alto sax and spasmodic hand signals
Héctor Floría: Alto Sax
Luiz Rocha ‘Espiga’: Clarinet
Roberto Asensio: Electric Guitar (R)
Martial Mehat: Electric Guitar (L)
Director Wilkins: Electric Bass and mammoth rumble
Joni Garlic: Drums

Discordian Records – 21 March 2011