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MIA 2015 – Ensembles

MIA 2015 – Conducted Ensembles

The complete recordings of the MIA 2015 Conducted Ensembles

Afonso Castanheira, Alvaro Rosso, Carlos Canão, Dario Nitti, Eduard Altaba, Francisco Andrade, François Choiselat, João Godinho, Laura Marques, Luis Fernandes, Luis Guerreiro, Nuno Morão, Nuno Ribeiro, Paulo Duarte, Paulo Pimentel, Pedro Castello Lopes and João Pedro Viegas.

Orrù Mar Rocha – Live at MIA 2015

Orrù Mar Rocha Trio, recorded live at MIA 2015 and beautifully released by the Swiss label EndTitles.

The trio was brought to life by Paulo Chagas, the curator and the commander-in-chief along with Fernando Simões, of MIA – a festival that takes place every May in Atouguia da Baleia, Portugal. He invited us to play at the old St. Joseph’s Church for the opening of the festival and we’ve met just before the concert, while sound checking.

It worked so well that we settled as a trio and EndTitles decided to release the recording of that concert.

Here’s the info about it and pre-orders are available here.

We are:
Adriano Orrù – contra bass
Maria do Mar – violin
Luiz Rocha – clarinet/bass clarinet

Check it out:
we’re in The Best of 2015 list from aJazzNoise and were reviewed by (in Portuguese)


Ten Miles to Bisbee [film score]

María Teresa Lozano: soprano
Santi Caballero: flute
El Pricto: clarinet
Luiz Rocha: bass clarinet
Agustí Martínez: alto sax
Tom Chant: tenor sax
Clara Canimas: bassoon
Marc García: french horn
Andrés Acebes: trumpet
Frédéric Filiatre: trombone
Lucas Suárez: electric guitar, banjo & lapsteel
Manel Miralles: prepared guitar
Joanna Miramontes: piano
Vasco Trilla: percussion
Owen Kilfeather: percussion
Núria Andorrà: marimba/percussion
Julia Álvaro, Isaac Bachs, Adriana González,
Clara Núria Joan Marí: violins
Agnès Ruiz, Elena Martínez: violas
Laura Isbert, Marta Pons: cellos
Johannes Nästesjö: double bass

EXT. Canyon, Dom & Bob (V.O.) and The Escape composed and conducted by Javier Bayón; Ten Miles to Bisbee – Main Theme and POV: Final Judgement composed by Javier Bayón and Iván Cester, conducted by Javier Bayón;
The Ghost Goes West composed and conducted by Owen Kilfeather; Any Old Macaroni composed and conducted by El Pricto.
Cover Art and Design by Margarita Rojas

October Equus – Live at R.I.O. Festival 2014

watch some videos and pictures

Ángel Ontalva – guitar
Víctor Rodríguez – keyboards
Amanda Pazos Cosse – bass
El Pricto – alto sax
Luiz Rocha – bass clarinet
Marko Jelaca – drums

Recorded live at the Rock In Opposition Festival
France, September 19th 2014
octoberXart, 13 January 2015

Crisis by Memoria Uno

Conduction: Iván González (Tracks 1,2,3), Albert Cirera (Track 2)
Ivo Sans, Carlos Falanga: drums
Marc Cuevas, Alex Reviriego, Johannes Nästesjö, Nicola Lancerotti: contrabass
Marco Mezquida: piano
Julián Sánchez, Pol Padrós, Alvar Monfort: trumpet
Darío García: bass trombone
Aram Montagut: tenor trombone
Amaiur González: tuba
Marcel·lí Bayer: alto sax and bass clarinet
El Pricto: alto sax and clarinet
Sergi Felipe, Tom Chant, Gonzalo Levyn: tenor & soprano saxophones
Joan Mas: baritone sax
Luiz Rocha, Pau Domenech: bass clarinet
Valentin Murillo, Juan Saez, Gerard Marsall: flute
Alfonso Fernández: bassoon
Joäo Silva, Gessami Martín, Stefan Pöntinen, Javier Lecha, Alba Navarro, Violina Pauleta: violin
Alicia Dominguez, Miriam Fernández, Fina Izquierdo: viola
Jordi Claret, Margarida Mariño, Sandrine Robillard, Pilar Rueda, Ana Karent: cello
Recorded live by Lopinski and El Pricto on June 18, 2014, at l’Ateneu Barcelonés
Discordian Records – 21 December 2014