3rd Impro Jam @ Nocturna Discordia

Jam de Impro 3
This was Nocturna Discordia #56 and the 3rd Free Improvisation Jam Session.
Barcelona, 20 January 2016

The trio that opened the night was:
Patxi Valera – drums
Àlex Reviriego – double bass
Luiz Rocha – soprano and bass clarinets

Then, once again the routine was:
1. pick a name out of a hat;
2. throw a four-sided dice to define if the musician is playing either solo, duo, trio or quartet;
3. back to the hat, pick the other names, if applied.

At the second round we were throwing 2 four-sided dice so that everyone could play once more.

Great music by the opening trio plus:
Ilona Schneider – voice
Pep Mula – drums
João Braz – cello
Pau Sola – cello
Teté Leguía – electric bass
Carlos Ródenas – electric bass
Carlo Mezzino – piano
Diego Caicedo – electric guitar
Olivier Jambois – electric guitar
El Pricto – alto sax
Don Malfon – alto sax
Miquel Jordá – sopranino sax
Tuna Pase – voice, flute and electronics

Here’s a record of the 1st and the 2nd Impro Jam @ Nocturna Discordia.

Orrù Mar Rocha @ ZBD – Creative Fest – Lisbon

Orrù Mar Rocha @ ZBD – Creative Fest – Lisbon

Video of the performance at the Creative Fest organized by Creative Sources at Galeria Zé dos Bois – ZBD
Lisbon, 28th November 2015

Adriano Orrù – double bass
Maria do Mar – violin
Luiz Rocha – soprano and bass clarinets

The drawing above was made during the concert by Rita Draper Frazão.

7 questions for Luiz Rocha

7 answers for Dave Foxall’s 7 Questions for A Jazz Noise

“The first improvised music I heard in Barcelona came courtesy of Luiz Rocha’s bass clarinet, in a duo with drummer Marko Jelača at Club Cronopios. I’ve since had the good fortune to hear him play in a variety of situations, from small group improvising to swirling big band chaos, and even a clarinet trio devoted to Black Sabbath. Luiz’s two most recent releases encompass his scope nicely: one is “Ten Miles to Bisbee” (Discordian Records), a big band western soundtrack with a twist; the other a spontaneous trio improvisation “Live at MIA” (End Titles) which featured on a Jazz Noise’s ‘Best of 2015’ list in December.”

1. What was your first musical instrument, and what did it mean to you?
read more…

Diego Caicedo and Ilona Schneider at Sagrada Familia

Some pics of Diego Caicedo and Ilona Schneider at Sagrada Família’s crypt. Manu Dimango is drawing.

January 16th 2016

MIA 2015 – Ensembles

MIA 2015 – Conducted Ensembles

The complete recordings of the MIA 2015 Conducted Ensembles

Afonso Castanheira, Alvaro Rosso, Carlos Canão, Dario Nitti, Eduard Altaba, Francisco Andrade, François Choiselat, João Godinho, Laura Marques, Luis Fernandes, Luis Guerreiro, Nuno Morão, Nuno Ribeiro, Paulo Duarte, Paulo Pimentel, Pedro Castello Lopes and João Pedro Viegas.

Nocturna Discordia #33

Nocturna Discordia #33

El Pricto – alto sax;
Miquel Jordà – sopranino sax;
Christer Bothén – bass and contra bass clarinets
Luiz Rocha – bass clarinet
Vasco Trilla – drums



Clara Lai – Piano Solo and Improv session

Clara Lai Piano Solo

January 15th 20h30
Casal Font d’en Fargues

Haikus is Clara Lai’s piano solo that will be released by Discordian Records.

She’s performing the next 15th at Casal Font d’en Fargues in Barcelona. El Pricto, Àlex Reviriego, Pep Mula, João Braz and myself are joining her for the second part of the concert.

Clara Lai - Haikus
Haikus – Clara Lai Piano Solo

Orrù, Mar, Rocha – a Jazz.pt review

A Jazz.pt review by Rui Eduardo Paes, himself a witness of the concert. (in Portuguese)

Orru, Mar, Rocha - a drawing by Rita Draper Frazão

One more review by Avant Music News, at the best of 2015 list by a Jazz Noise and a beautiful set of drawings by Rita Draper Frazão in which we are included. Buy it at the EndTitles shop.